About Us

Hello and welcome to mysterystore.co.uk.
We are a genuine and trusted retailer offering women's, men's and children's high-street clothing, at a fraction of the recommended retail price. All our products are sourced and purchased from reputable wholesalers and manufacturers, who are trusted to purchase directly from brand manufacturers.
What is Ex High-street Fashion?
It's quite simple. Ex high-street means that all of the items we stock have either been cancelled by chain-stores or have been sold on by the manufacturer, due to being overstock/surplus, thus no longer being sold on the high-streets. All of our items are brand new and in perfect condition. We do not stock returns or damaged goods.
To comply with UK re-sale law, tags have been removed and labels snipped. This is done to ensure items purchased at a discounted rate are not returned to the store for a full refund. 
Authentic Guarantee.
We work very closely with our wholesalers to ensure that any items we purchase for re-sale are 100% authentic. Tags will be removed and labels will be snipped in accordance to U.K re-sale law.
Our business address is 1a Bonnington Road, Mapperley, Nottingham, NG3 5JR. Please don't use this address for returns.
Our VAT number is GB178229184, and our Company Registration No. is 9350333.
We can be contacted on 07751579742.